Experience The Benefits Of Keto Diet Like Never Before With Our Custom Keto Diet Meal Plan!

One of the major benefits of keto diet is that it helps reducing weight dramatically. Many people think of diet and then drop the idea because all of it is too difficult.

One of the major benefits of keto diet is that it helps reducing weight dramatically. Many people think of diet and then drop the idea because all of it is too difficult.

This is the case with so many people because it involves a lot of effort in making the right diet plan, then following it, doing exercise with it, starving yourself in some cases, and even then you won’t see a drastic difference. Some people get tired of the monotony.

We are well aware of all these issues and we have made diet easier for you. The custom keto diet and review has brought you the best diet meal plans according to your preferences and your body needs. You can subscribe to this program and our team will help you make the best diet meal plan for you.

The benefits of keto diet are something one cannot deny and that is why we have opted for the keto diet in our custom diet plans. These meal plans keep you full and make you lose weight healthily.

We are going to talk all about it in detail so brace yourself and get ready to know about the best custom keto diet meal plans.

What Is Keto Diet?

Before we move on with the diet meal plan and benefits of keto diet, let us briefly describe what the keto diet is.

These days it is quite common and many people refer to it as a high-fat diet. It contains a high portion of fats in your diet which is around 80 to 90% of your diet. The rest is proteins and less than 1% is fixed for carbohydrates. The most crucial thing here is that you have to watch your carbs.

Our body first burns carbs and when enough carbs are not available it moves to fats. In a daily routine when we intake carbs and they are burnt. When we don’t intake carbs and the body only has fats to burn, the only refuge is fats which burn the extra body fat as well.

The main process which goes in the keto diet which makes you lose weight as explained above is ketosis.


When your body does not have enough carbs to burn, it moves towards burning fats and this process is what we call ketosis. Before burning fats, they are broken down into ketones, and then they are broken down to provide energy to the body. Hence the name ketosis.

It is not a sudden shift in the process. The body takes some time to get accustomed to burning fats and once you get used to it, the body amplifies in losing weight. This is the most natural and healthiest way of losing weight. All you have to do is a shift from having carbs to just fatty meals.

We Offer A Complete Keto Diet Meal Plan

Custom Keto diet plan
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Who thought you can lose weight without starving yourself and any supplements. You just have to regulate your food choices and even in them, you can have a great variety.

Making diet plans on your own can be hard and it’s most likely that you will miss out on anything. Also, when you are not a professional, you can’t portion control that well.

To avoid all this mess, the custom keto diet has brought you the best meal plans. We have professionals who will look deeply into the body type, the goals you want to achieve with your weight loss, and what suits your body. After this, in-depth study, we will make a custom meal plan with you according to your liking. It will have all your favorite meals and their alternatives.

So to be precise, you can say that this custom keto diet meal plan will not look like diet meals and at the same time help you lose weight healthily. This way you will experience the most benefits of keto diet.

A Few Features of This Keto Diet Meal Plan

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We make each keto diet meal plan customized according to each person’s needs and body type. This is what makes our meal plans so successful and we have all happy clients. Although each meal plan is different, here are a few features you will get in each meal plan. Sign up now and these are the main features of our meal plan.

1. 8-week diet meal plan

At first, we will work with our trainers and nutritionists to make you an 8-week meal plan. This is made keeping your opinions in mind and then we will see how it goes for you in those 8 weeks. After that according to the results, it is changed, altered, or kept the same.

2. Diet based on your calories intake

The diet plan we make is purely based on the number of macronutrients you are allowed to intake in the keto diet and also within a certain amount of calories, we align all of them in delicious meals that all of the requirements are fulfilled and you are satiated throughout the day.

3. Best meal recipes from the top chefs

If you have any food allergies or you like a certain type of food, let us know. We will make sure to include all your favorite meals and if they are not possible, their alternatives are preferred.

We want you to have the best experience of your diet and if you don’t find your meals delicious there is no use in diet. Our top chefs will incorporate the right ingredients to make the most delicious recipes for you which will satiate your cravings and also keep them healthy.

4. A lot of food variety to choose from

You have a great variety of foods to choose from. So if you feel like you will get bored of the same food, this is not the case. You can choose the ingredients you want and then you will have meal options for those ingredients.

5. Easy step-by-step instructions for keto diet

If you are new at cooking or even if you haven’t cooked. We have recipes included in each meal plan and you can follow them step by step to create a masterpiece that even you won’t believe you have made.

The instructions are very easy and none of the recipes takes so long to make.

6. Grocery list for each week for keto diet

The meal plan includes a grocery list which you can print. It includes all the groceries you will need with the amount mentioned. Just follow the list religiously and you can make the best meals. These lists even have a list of condiments you will need. What more could one ask for?

The grocery lists are made for each week so that the food items stay fresh throughout the week and none of it goes to waste.

7. Customize your keto diet to your preferences

Customize your keto diet to your preference
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Each meal has further customization options. Like you want to have meat or bacon for a certain recipe. It is your choice what you feel like that day and you can choose it. So it means you can customize the meals during the week even after the meal plans are made. We have added options depending on what you like.

Does The Same Keto Diet Meal Plan Work For Everyone?

The same meal plan does not work for everyone. This is where many people make mistakes. They think that the same plan which is working for their friend or colleague will help them lose weight. But it is not at all true. Your body’s response to food and your genetic response to food and metabolism differs so much, even from your family members.

So that is why it will not be the same for everyone. That is why we have professional nutritionists to look into your body type and its response to food and then make a custom meal plan for you. This way you will see evident results.

A Few Mistakes To Avoid To Have The Most Benefits Of the Keto Diet

We have seen people putting in their most effort and even starving themselves but they aren’t getting the right results from their diet. First of all, you have to keep in mind that starving yourself will not help you lose weight rather it will make you sick.

There are many other such mistakes that people around us make subconsciously which impede the path of weight loss. So before you begin with your keto diet, make sure to avoid these mistakes to get the most benefits of keto diet.

1. Don’t just cut off on calories

It is a scientific fact that if you eat more than you burn, the excess will deposit on your body as extra fats. So to maintain the perfect balance in weight loss is that you burn as much or more than your intake.

Keeping this in consideration people just cut off calories. You have to understand that some calories are easy to burn and some are not depending on which type of calories you are consuming. So make sure you are taking foods that are burnt easily so that you can have the right amount of calories and burn them as well.

2. Restricting your calories will affect your metabolism

If you are losing a certain number of pounds by cutting down 500 calories, you will lose double if you cut down 1000. Is it so?

Many people think of it this way but it is not the case. You can’t amplify your weight loss this way. All you will do is starve your body and this will send wrong messages to your brain. So the natural body metabolism will stop.

The fats will not burn because your mind has sent the signal that you are starving. Instead, when you will intake more food, even that will be deposited rather than metabolized to produce energy because your body has the signal that it is undergoing starvation. This can alter completely the weight loss goals so make sure you have this in mind.

3. All types of calories are not equal

For weight loss, there is a defined set of calories that you are supposed to intake in one day but it does not mean you can eat anything under that specific number of calories.

Like in the case of the keto diet, you can have a specific amount of calories and around 80 to 90% of that should be fats, the rest proteins, and very less carbs. If you follow this ratio you will lose weight. If you deviate from this, the complete calorie count will have no effect.

Suppose you have all the calories from carbs and then you expect that you will lose weight, this is too absurd. All the carbs will deposit in your body and having too many carbs even stop your body from burning fats. Carbs will make the insulin levels in your body increase and then the insulin will stop your body from losing any fats. These fats will make their way and deposit in the hips and lower abdomen.  That is why insulin is even called a fat-storage hormone.

4. Don’t follow an unrealistic diet plan

Dieting itself is too hard so it’s better that you don’t make it harder for yourself by restricting yourself to an unrealistic diet plan. You can’t lose all your body fat in a week. So make sure you are consistent with your diet.

If you restrict yourself too much, your body will crave that much more and this will lead to psychological disturbance which leads to unhealthy binge eating. So make sure that your diet plan is not too hard on you and for that, we are here to make your diet plan for you that will suit your body’s needs.

We Have A Solution To All These Diet Mistakes

Diet plan purchase

The above-mentioned mistakes are not to scare you away but to warn you that these mistakes are most likely to happen and mostly when you are doing it all on your own.

So we have a solution for you that will help you keep this all in check. It is our custom keto meal plan. This meal plan is made after a lot of debate and trials. We have the best nutritionist, recipe makers, and personal trainers and with the consultation of all of them, each custom meal plan is made.

We have reached a point where most of them are foolproof and our clients trust us blindly. So if you are planning on doing the keto diet and you want a custom meal plan which will work for you, consult us!

Benefits Of Keto Diet Meal Plan

We refer to the keto diet as a holy grail for weight loss because once you get to it, your body will experience an amplified weight loss without making you feel tired. Just the key to it is that you will have to stick to fatty foods.

There are numerous benefits of the keto diet but here are a few best ones we have lined up for you.

1. Increases fat burning

How to increases fat burn
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We discussed earlier that insulin stops fat burning. So keto diet stops insulin increase in your body. Once the insulin is less, the body moves to burn fats or what we call ketosis.

As there are already no carbs consumed, the body will only have fats to burn to get energy. These fats are also not under the influence so burning them is easier for people on a keto diet than for other people consuming a carbohydrate-rich diet. This way keto diet will help you in burning fats so easily.

2. Hunger cravings will fade

How to fade away hunger cravings
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Usually, people can diet well and lose weight but as soon as they get off the diet, their hunger cravings get the best of them. People fall prey to these carvings because these are what they have been restricting in all their diet periods.

A Keto diet has a benefit over it because you will not feel hungry during the diet. The food you eat will be enough to keep you full for a long time and this will also help in losing weight it. This is another benefit of keto diet that even after achieving the weight goal, people continue with the keto diet to keep them healthy.

3. Easy to follow

When you will have a diet plan, it is very easy to follow. You will have a list of meals that you will be having each day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Having a premade schedule makes you look forward to these meals.

Also which diet allows you to have bacon, eggs, cheese, and chocolates? It is none other than the keto diet. So obviously when you will be having such great foods in your diet plan, will it seem like a diet? All of these things make the keto diet meal plan easy to follow and stick by.

4. Balanced loss in weight

Once you start the keto diet, within a week your body will get into ketosis and you will start losing weight. This weight loss is so fast and at the same time balanced that it doesn’t even feel like it.

Usually, when you are losing weight, you feel hungry or your body feels weak but not in the case of the keto diet. You will feel like you are having your normal meals and lose weight along with it because you won’t feel low on energy anytime during the day.

5. No extra exercise is needed

Some diets require exercise along with food restrictions. It makes you feel low on energy and drained by the end of the day and it is what makes people quit the diet.

With the keto diet, you won’t have to follow any such exercise rituals. It is quite contrary that people themselves start exercising because they don’t feel low on energy and to feel more active, they work out. The Keto diet boosts your energy after one week of being on the diet and after that, you won’t even feel like you are on diet.

6. Healthy way to lose weight

The Keto diet is the healthiest way to lose weight. It does not make you starve or put in any extra effort. You can have as much food as you want as compared to other diet plans. The only restriction is that you will eat fatty foods.

It alters your body’s metabolism preference from carbs to fats which will burn all the extra fats stored in the best way possible. There is no better or healthier fat removal process in this short time.

It is not only healthy in this way but it also keeps you from many diseases like high cholesterol, diabetes, and epilepsy and prevents you from many cancers. These curative effects of the keto diet have made many doctors suggest this diet to their patients. They can get rid of their minor ailments without any medications.

Make A Custom Diet Plan Based On Your Needs

diet plan based on your needs
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Everyone’s body type is different and they take a different amount of time to burn fats. It might be based on genetics or a personal tendency to lose or gain weight. It is something we cannot determine beforehand and that is why we have made this custom keto diet so that we can make it easier for our customers to come and get their diet plans made.

We take your complete medical history along with any current diseases or allergies and then make the plan accordingly. When you will have such a personalized plan, you will see a drastic weight loss with no side effects.

Pros And Cons

How is it better than others?

Other than the benefits of keto diet, our keto diet meal plan itself has many pros for you. Here are a few ways in which it is better than other such plans in the market.

  • It is very inexpensive. You cannot get such a meal plan anywhere at such a low price.
  • Your preferences are kept into consideration when making a meal plan so you can decide the ingredients you want.
  • The Keto diet makes your body active and in turn increases your productivity.
  • You can consult our nutritionist anytime once you are within the subscribed tenure and ask about your food preferences.
  • The recipes in the meal plan are easy to make and so delicious.


There are very few cons and all of them are temporary cons as compared to the benefits of keto diet which are long-lasting.

  • The Keto diet cannot be continued in a few diseases like diabetes or other heart diseases when on a later stage.
  • During the keto diet in the first week, you will feel a little low on energy. It is when your body hasn’t moved to ketosis yet. After a week it will be fine.

Price Of Custom Keto Plan

The best thing about our meal plans is the price. You cannot get this reasonable price anywhere near you with such detailed services. We offer this 8-week or 60 days custom keto diet meal plan.

If we break it down into the services we provide and the amount individual service will cost it makes around a thousand dollars while ours is even less than 5% of the total. The price estimate we mentioned earlier is even way too less. It is just how much a nutritionist will cost you for two months and the other expenses are despite this.

So don’t let this opportunity slip away and grab it. Try our 8-week plan and have the most benefits of keto diet you have ever had and if in case it does not work for you, you can get all your money back.

Step By Step Way To Registration For The Keto Diet Meal Plan

Once you have made up your mind to register for our 8-week keto diet meal plan, go to our website and kick-start it.

  • Click on the custom keto diet quiz and answer the questions. They will be about all your food preferences, your health, any allergies, and general health questions. Make sure to answer them correctly.
Steps to purchase plan for weight loss
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  • Then give your email right there so that you can get your custom diet meal plan through it.
  • Next will be an option for payment and there you will pay your $37 for the meal plan.
Steps to purchase keto diet plan
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  • That’s it! You are registered for the custom keto meal plans and you will shortly get your meal plan for the following weeks.
Keto diet payment


The Keto diet is something many of us are shifting to. The benefits of keto diet are something none of us can deny. It is the best and the easiest way to lose weight without putting in much effort. The meals are easy to make, it’s inexpensive and to top all that you can get a custom diet meal plan. And also check out our latest review custom meal plan

When you have a custom meal plan then it becomes easier for you. You don’t have to surf the internet each day for the recipes and then it is not certain if it will be good or not. We are saving for all this hassle by providing you with a meal plan which does it all for you.

Either you will get it and lose weight or if not, with our policy, you can get your money back. So it is a win-win situation for you, either way, give it a shot!

Let us know what you think about this custom keto diet and if you have any queries or addition to it, feel free to ask us.

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